Anxiety Girl Gets a Job

First I want to start off with a little back story before I get to my actual story… I have a bachelors degree in Interior Design. Got out of school – hated it! I wanted nothing to do with design. Basically “failed” my first few interior design jobs and was the major start of some […]

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Sneak Peak History

My anxiety and depression started as young as I can remember. Granted, it was nothing like it is today, but I still had slight depression and anxiety. My earliest memory was me being so terrified of going to art class in 1st grade. I would cry and cry and just be so scared to leave […]

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1st Blog Post

Hey! Welcome to my page. This is my first blog post ever. Its a new experience for me and I am trying to find new ways to deal with my anxiety and depression. So please bear with me as I update and tweak my new site! I want my site to be a page where […]

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