Anxiety Girl has a Bad Anxiety Day

Today was not so good. My anxiety was high.

Why you ask?

Your guess is as good as mine. I have no idea.

It started as any other day. Planning a picnic with my boyfriend. But then I talked to my mom about bills and money. Kind of a huge topic right now since I haven’t started my new job yet and I am super broke. So my anxiety spiked. Just being at home was bringing me high anxiety.

Probably because in just a day I am getting back out into the real world. I start my new job. Don’t get me wrong, I am super excited! I really think this is a job I can actually like and hopefully do well in! But just the thought of starting working again and being a functioning adult is super hard. In my almost 2 months off have I learned enough? Do I know enough about coping skills, deep breathing, mindfulness, CBT….  And even if I know enough am I strong enough to use them? Will they work for me? Or will I just have panic attacks and not use any of these skills and end up back to where I was? I just hope that I have finally found something that I will be happy doing and I wont have struggles and fears about going.

So my day wasn’t great but oh well! Just because I went through inpatient and outpatient therapy does that mean I am going to be happy, positive and joyful every single day?


I just need to remember that, THAT IS OK! I just need to push past and get through these bad days and know that I can overcome and that I am better and stronger than my anxiety! I can and I will win this battle with anxiety. I just need to remember that tomorrow is a new day and a new day gives me the opportunity to erase the high anxiety.


Word Cloud I made with all words that surround anxiety



One thought on “Anxiety Girl has a Bad Anxiety Day

  1. I think it’s important too accept one’s anxiety, not to like it, but accept it. The more you integrate yourself and aim your focus externally, the more anxiety will subside. Trust it lessens as you focus your attention and make goals not pertaining to anxiety. It gets better.


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